Life in the Rural South · Southern Women

Church and the Southern Woman-the long version.

As promised, here is the full length version of the interviews I did with the lovely ladies of my family.

I really enjoyed the process of creating this video. Although, like many projects, it took on a life of its own while I wasn’t looking. I had a vision of what this video would be; how it would sound, look, and flow and I can safely say it did not turn out like my initial vision at all.

The glorious human element of the project threw it completely off track. In my mind, I interpreted the questions I intended to ask in a certain way and foolishly expected all the ladies see those questions in the same way. However, the ladies often interpreted the questions in completely different fashion. And once they started to tell their stories I did not want to stop them and say, “Oh no, that is not what I meant. Tell me a different story.”

After all, the whole purpose of this project, of this blog, is to allow women the oppurtunity to voice their own stories-in their own fashion.

So, while this video is not what I intended it to be I think it became something far better.

I hope you all enjoy this video, and the women of my family, as much I do.


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