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Pet Peeves and this Southern Woman

Okay folks, we all have them. Those little things that other people do that get on your very last nerve. Often there is not a whole lot of logic behind why that behavior annoys you, but that does not change the fact it really does.

Here are a couple of pet peeves that have arisen from  life here in the south for me.


Occasionally, I run across a person who corrects my pronunciation of the mountains I have made my home for my entire life. This annoys the feathers out of me. It just gets on my very last nerve.

Especially, when the person who is doing the correcting does not live here. I recognize that there are two pronunciations, however, the common prounciation of those native to these mountains is Appa-lat-chan.

It is how the first settlers here pronounced it. It is how my family pronounces it. And it is how I pronounce it. Long exhale…okay done with my rant.

Authoress Sharon McCrumb explains the historical basis of the pronunciation below.


Oh, this is a biggie. Ya’ll is part of the vernacular here in the South. We all use it-from college presidents to the baggers at the grocery store. So, while it may be seen as a non-standard speech pattern in other parts of the world, here in the South it is both acceptable and correct. And using it does not make you any dumber than anything else does.

What are some the pet peeves you all have about the perceptions of where you live?

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