Life in the Rural South · Southern Women

Church and the Southern Woman

My earliest memory of church is sitting in my grandparent’s church on Christmas Eve eagerly waiting for the moment they would pass out the goodie bags at the end of the service. I have a lot of memories of church and faith growing up. Where were you going to be on Sunday mornings? In my family, you were going to be in church.

I asked some of the wonderful women in my family what they remembered about church and they shared some beautiful memories with me. The project blossomed into something much larger than I had originally planned. The ladies had a lot to say and I was delighted to hear it. But it resulted in two videos instead of the one I had planned. This first video is the highlights reel-it is a taste of what the ladies in my family said. Hopefully, within the next two weeks I will be able to post the video with their entire interviews.

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