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Tenacious Blossoms-Life and the Southern Woman

Welcome Everyone,

I have always found the description of southern women as flowers to be fascinating. There is an implied delicacy, gracefulness, and beauty to the euphemism. It is lovely, but misleading. The southern women I know, the ones I see surrounding me, are not delicate blossoms, which easily bruise and fade amid the harsh realities of life, rather they are sturdy. These women take the “slings and arrows” of life in stride and resolutely meet poverty, hardship, and despair head on with more than modicum of dignity and grace. In word, they are tenacious.

This blog is an exploration of the life of southern women, specifically, life here in the rural Appalachian Mountains and foothills. I hope to touch on issues, which are universal like healthcare, education, and gender stereotypes, through the lens of the lives of women here in my home. I also hope to introduce you, the reader, to some of the amazing women who populate the south and their spectacular, tenacious, beauty.


One thought on “Tenacious Blossoms-Life and the Southern Woman

  1. Hi Julie!
    I love your insight on this, especially the typical comparing Southern women to delicate flowers. Maybe a more accurate comparison would be wildflowers or weeds, beautiful, tough, and blooming no matter what!
    i look forward to reading more!


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